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About Us

img_03Destiny Starting Point is a home for Delinquent Boys and *Girls (from age -17), whose parents and school authorities have difficulties in stilling discipline in them. The home’s aim is to restore these lives that have been lured by undesirable elements and rebuild them to become a healthy and productive.



Our Of Management

Founder/ President : Rev. Stephan Samuel
Vice-President :
Rev. Moses Jayaseelan
Secretary :
Graceline M. Stephan
Treasurer :
Josphine Julian

Committee Members : Julian Amaarjeet , John Gopal , Richard Santhanakumar , Kavery Samy Veloo , Selvakumar Muniandy


Placement procedures
Admission is on a voluntary basic. To place your teens or children at
Destiny Starting Point, please call Rev. Stephan Samuel – 016 9288139 or
Graceline M. Stephan – 014 9695057 or 03 33724768
For an interview Appointment…

LeT Us HeLp YoUr ChiLDren oR TeeN to ReAcH ThEiR DEStiny!